Selling a Home

I work harder than other realtors.
Working hard is all I know how to do.

Over 20 years ago my career started in a family shelter helping women and their children escape domestic violence. It was a job where I always had to be fully committed. I had to be all in or bad things could happen. I then worked with at-risk youth for the TDSB. Again this was a job where I had to be fully committed to helping these kids make positive changes. If I did not do my job correctly I may let something slip through the cracks.

When I was in my early 20’s I was the Canadian Muay Thai Heavyweight Champion. A title I held for years. I also fought for a World Kickboxing Title and a North American Title.

I understand hard work. I understand that going all in and being committed to the process is the way to go if you want to be successful.

This is what I bring to Real Estate. When working with a client I work my hardest to ensure a successful outcome.

My Pelican Process

My Pelican Process shows you step by step what I do and how hard I work to ensure that I am fully committed to you and ensuring that your home sells for a record price in the shortest amount of time.


This is where it all starts. We walk through your home together, asking questions and gathering as much information on your home as we can to determine what if any work (small repairs, landscaping, painting) may need to be done to your home. This is also the time where we sit with you and go over what homes similar to yours have been selling for. Most importantly This is where we discuss what’s important to you? Is it to sell your home for as much money as possible? Or is it just selling your home now without doing any work to get it ready? We listen to you to find out what you really want/need.


This is where the prep work starts. We have already discussed what needs to be done. Now we go out and execute it. We are loaded with trusted trades that work with us consistently and they
are on call for you to do whatever small repairs, landscaping or painting needs to be done to have your home ready. Our trades people are clean, fast and efficient! They understand time sensitivity and get the job done. During this time we are also decluttering your home and getting it ready for our Stager and photographer to come in. The preparation of your home is important because it sets the tone for what our stager is going to do and how we are going to showcase your home through photos, videos and online marketing content.


Is when our great team comes in to start their job. Our award winning stager first comes in for an initial consult with you during the PREPARATION to do a walkthrough and get a sense of your space and your end goals. Now she knows what needs to be done and which type of buyer she is staging for. She works diligently with her staff bringing in the right pieces and setting up your home for the best chances of success. Staging is critical when going after the right type of buyer. This is where a story is told through the flow of your home, and the right buyer who we are trying to attract gets the chance to read that story through our staging, photos, and video along with our great marketing content. During this time I am also feverishly writing content to market your home based on what we discussed earlier and who we are trying to sell to. After our stager is done, we bring in our professional cleaner to have your home sparkling! Then our photographer comes in to create an intro video which we will use to describe your home for all social media marketing. We also get HD photos, a Virtual Tour and floor plans made.


Now that your home is ready for the copious amounts of buyers to come through and we know what type of buyer we are after, we can now set the direction of the marketing campaign. First thing is your home will have its own landing page with the intro video we shot along with all the HD photos, and virtual tour that was taken. It will also give your home its own google walk score along with a breakdown of all the schools/cafes/restaurants/ and closest transportation hubs in the area. We will have custom designed Feature Sheets of your home for potential buyers to grab a copy of. We will with your permission do a wine and cheese open house to your neighbours on the Thursday night of the week your home hits the market (no one can sell an area better than the neighbours that live in it). We will also do a weekend open house on both Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm each day. We will take our marketing content that we came up with and videos and pictures and hit all the major social media staples targeting the potential buyers we know would love the chance to see your home. Lastly we do a radio commercial at CORUS entertainment that owns all the top radio stations in the city. Our radio spot is not to promote our services, it is to promote YOUR home to the right buyer. Our commercial will air to the buyers we are targeting through the radio station(s) we choose.


We have now listed your home and will market it based on our earlier conversations with you for a desired period of time before we accept any offers. When we accept offers and after your home sells, all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself. We continue working for you making sure your offer is submitted to the lawyers and mortgage broker. If you need it, we also have movers on call to help move you out upon closing. During this time it’s important that you focus on packing up your home. And don’t worry about making sure the home is cleaned for the new buyers. We take care of that for you! After you move out we send in our professional cleaning crew to clean your home. Just one less thing for you to worry about.

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