Robert Clancy
Safe Bridge Financial Group

Derek has worked exclusively with Robert Clancy’s services for three years.

Robert has been in the mortgage world for over a decade and has an extensive background as a financial adviser, investment analyst, and commercial business adviser for a period of 10 years. Given this depth of experience, he is a highly trusted mortgage adviser.

In this complex world of Real Estate Financing, all the mortgage solutions and products that are available to the prospective consumer can get very confusing and chaotic. Therefore, having someone by your side, who knows the ins and outs throughout the process, is highly valuable in this industry. Robert values the relationships he builds with his clients, “I build long term relationships with my clients. It is not just about the immediate transaction today, but what can happen down the road. My favourite saying, especially in this industry: “what you do today will affect your future tomorrow.”

Derek’s clients get exclusive access to Robert Clancy to build a future that supports financial freedom. With all the chaos happening right now in the Mortgage Financing Market making the right decision has never been tougher. You need someone on your side working for you with over 15 years of Mortgage Financing experience.