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I promise to sell your home quickly, for the best price

As one of the top 1% of Toronto real estate agents, I have the marketing, pricing and presentation strategies that will guarantee the speedy sale of your home and a great price.

—Derek Ladouceur

Here’s how we work:

Fill out our form

First tell us about you and your property

Through our online Seller’s Form, you give us an overview of who you are and what we need to know about your home for sale, including target price and any special considerations.
Meet to discuss

Next we get together for a walk-through

Derek will come to your home to do a walk-through. He will reveal how he and his team will use their extended real estate network and proven sales methods on your behalf to create a sense of excitement and exclusivity that attracts serious buyers.
Find your dream home

Then we set a sales strategy

To ensure you get a premium price for your home, we’ll help you to show your home in the best light – whether is through deft home staging, the quality of marketing materials or social media presence.

Finally, we will use an effective pricing strategy, knowledge of market value and other tactics as we negotiate on your behalf to get the best price for your home at the best terms.

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