How do you pick the right Realtor?

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What separates a great realtor from a good realtor or a under performing realtor for that matter? How do you weed out the good from the bad? Who do you believe? Who do you decide on? Let’s be honest here every so called real estate professional is going to tell you they are the best at what they do.

Let me help you break it down so when and if you decide to sell these questions are easily answered.

1. Research/Homework/Interview

The first thing when deciding on a realtor to help you sell your home is to interview more than one. This is a simple one but a huge one! You would be surprised how many times I get offered the job without any competition. As happy as I am that I was chosen you should interview more than just me. Do your research. Any realtor worth their salt is going to understand and appreciate that they were given the opportunity.

2. Select the best realtor for you.

Another big one but needs to be addressed. Do not hire your friend or family member out of obligation. I see this happen so many times and I shake my head. Don’t get me wrong if your friend or family member is the best person for the job then great, but usually that’s not why you are hiring them. We feel this obligation to give our friend or second cousin twice removed the job to sell our biggest asset.
Think of it this way. You were just arrested and your mates just happened to pass the bar literally the same day. Are you hiring them to represent you? I would guess that is a no. This is probably the biggest financial transaction you will do. Keep friendship and family out of it.

3. Know all the services provided and the quality

Find out what you are paying for. Ask the question of what is included in your fee. This is a big thing. If you are happy with what they are going to do get it in writing. I have seen it many times where someone hires a realtor to sell their home and they are promised the world only to find out that a sign went up and a listing on MLS. Get proof of the things they are offering. If they use a professional photographer make sure they can show you examples of their work. Are they staging your home? If so ask to see examples of homes they have had staged. If they have done websites for other clients properties then ask to see them. If they have paid for ads on social media then ask to see examples of that as well. Remember you are paying for your realtor to do the best job possible. Best to make sure what they are promising is the real deal.

Now this one may be the most important. You are hiring someone to sell your home, for the most amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time. Make sure the person you are hiring knows the area and the community you live in. I have seen it too many times that an out of area realtor will list a home and it sits on the market for too long and sells for a fraction its list price through no fault of their own. The realtor you hire will do their research (or at least they should) when it comes time to sell your house but there is only so much research one can do. They really need to know your community. I know my community better than most. I was born and raised in it. I fundraise for my local community centre. I am a fixture in my community. So why hire someone from Markham to sell a home in my community. For the record I have nothing against Markham, just seemed the best example to give.

The other thing is I know the realtors in my community and more than likely they are the ones that are going to have a buyer for your home. It makes sense to hire someone for that stand point alone. You want to make sure your realtor is out talking to the realtors that more than likely will have the buyer for your place, and that your realtor has a good relationship with those realtors.

I hope this helps a bit. If you have any questions or you just want to discuss the housing market drop me a note or call me direct and let’s chat.

Happy home selling!

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