About Caitlan

Caitlan Carver is originally from Calgary, Alberta and moved to Toronto in 2015. Her passion for the city of Toronto began when she worked in Montreal for a national decentralized energy company, managing public relations and she decided that she eventually wanted to move to Toronto to pursue a career in PR.

After gaining her diploma in events management, Caitlan planned and managed weddings, award shows and corporate events for six years and then decided to go back to University to get her Bachelors of Communications specializing in Public Relations.

She then worked in international trade & agriculture for Alberta Barley, where she incorporated the first national Barley Council where she won national media awards for her project GoBarley.com international relations. Her work in executive direction and government relations has allowed her to travel the world creating strong relationships with South East Asia and Canada, solidifying Free Trade Agreements as well as promoting Canadian-grown food sources.

Caitlan eventually moved to Toronto as she had planned and found that the real estate industry was booming — it peaked her interest. Her family recently invested in the real estate business in the United States and she plans to become an agent in Canada. While she learns more about the industry, her expertise will include creating a strong public relations and community relations environment for the Derek Ladouceur team.

Her corporate background in strategic communications & her commitment to the highest standard of quality care for clients makes her a valuable asset to the Derek Ladouceur team and the Remax Hallmark community.